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1. Name? Rose aka Ho||oW
2. Age? 15
3. Gender. Last time I checked? Breasticles all the way.. I'm a chick.
4. Birthdate? Jan 3rd 1989
5. Location? Pennsylvania
6. Favorite bands and why? I have too many favorites.. If I had to pick one, it would probably be The Used. Alot of people think they plain suck.. But I like them for their ability to scream and sing in the same song and still make it sound fuckin' awesome. I can really relate to the lyrics of their songs also. They're an all around great band.
7. Favorite movies and why? Shit that's just evil. Uhh, I definitely liked the movie Identity. Actually, I have a similar disorder to the guy in the movie that has all these people in his head.. Kinda makes me feel warm and fuzzy *pukes*
8. Favorite colors, and why? I'd say red and black, but that's so stereotypical.. Ah fuck it I like red and black cause they suit me best. I'm a bloody night freak..
9. Favorite shows and why? Daria-Sick Sad World says it all. Fear Factor-I like gross stuff (which is a rareity in 15 year old girls) The Sopranos-Gotta love Italians and money.. And drugs and all that happy shit.. It's a good show.
10. Do you watch shows like Jackass? Why, or why not? HA Jackass.. Man that's great stuff.. I do watch shows like that cause they're good for a laugh.. I mean, I think it's honestly the fact that they seriously just don't give a shit. They can do whatever they want, and they're happy with themselves.. Kinda makes me jealous.
11. Why should we accept you? Well, I thought about writing out a nice little kiss-ass note.. But then I didn't. Honestly, I dunno why you should accept me. I mean, I'm a strange person that could be viewed as stereotypical in some aspects.. but I honestly hate labels.. I just think it would be cool to meet some of you people.. It's a possibility that we might have some stuff in common.
12. Why do you think you're cool? Cool?? Me? Never.. Well I do play guitar and wear sunglasses alot *grin*
13. What other communities are you in? FIAR (Fuck It All Revolution)
14. What communities did you get the big, fat, ignorant no's from? I didn't try to join any other ones yet.. Personally this one appealed to me above the others.. I think it's a bit ironic how the title of the group is 'freaking losers' yet you have a question asking why we think we're cool.. I love it!
15. If you were/are accepted in a community, would you add any of us? Or be like the other people bitching in them? Or would you just just give a simple "no" or "yes?" Well I'm not very discriminatory.. So I'd give everyone a fair chance.. And I wouldn't be an asshole in my comments.. But I'd at least let them know if there was something that made me not accept them. I think it's a real jerkoff thing to do to leave a no... with absolutely no reason why.
16. Favorite ice cream flavor and why?? Chocolate Chip Mint.. Cause its chocolatey.. and minty.. and.. well I dunno it's good shit.
17. Favorite item of clothing and why? Definitely my converse.. they've been through so much shit with me.. okay maybe literally shit.. but moreso memories.. and they're basically a part of me.
18. Favorite store and why? I like Hot Topic cause it's got some pretty crazy clothes.. But I like Nature's Habitat too cause I'm a candle and incense freak.. Oh Spencers too cause I like all the glowy stuff.
19. What are your thoughts on the word "poser"? AHH why.. Why labels.. They piss me off so bad.. If you're gonna call someone a name for being the way they wanna be, at least come up with something better than poser. I know that's a real jerky thing.. but it's true.
20. Can a person that calls other people "posers" be an anti conformist? Well, you asked for philosophical me.. So here it comes. Honestly if you sit there and call someone a poser.. And you do it because other people call them posers too, then you're conforming to non-conformity. In a sense, you're becoming exactly the same as the people that are different.. Therefore you could in part be a poser yourself.. Which would make you a hipocrite.
21. Are thriftstores good? They're actually pretty cool.. You'd be amazed at the stuff you can find in them.
22. What is your favorite brand of clothing? I don't really have a favorite.. Most of my shirts are from shows and shit.. So whatever brand they are I guess.. heh
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