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Burning on my lips is a name I won't remember..

1. Name? Sara

2. Age? 14

3. Gender. Female

4. Birthdate? 6th of February

5. Location? New Jersey, USA

6. Favorite bands and why? My Sixth Shadow, Dope Stars Inc, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth. They're my favorites because I like their music the most.

7. Favorite movies and why? Tonari No Totoro, The Last Samurai. Reason is same as above.

8. Favorite colors, and why? All the colors, including brown. Colors are beautiful, to say the least. There is no Because.

9. Favorite shows and why? Inuyasha, Mad Mad House, Sat. lineup on Adult Swim. Because they rule. They fucking rule.

10. Do you watch shows like Jackass? Why, or why not? No. Their stunts seem childish, and nothing less than stupid. Two things which I've outgrown.

11. Why should we accept you? I haven't an answer for you.

12. Why do you think you're cool? Sure.

13. What other communities are you in? The ones listed in my info.

14. What communities did you get the big, fat, ignorant no's from? Too many to remember.

15. If you were/are accepted in a community, would you add any of us? Or be like the other people bitching in them? Or would you just just give a simple "no" or "yes?" Wouldn't add people, wouldn't bitch. I give "no"s or "yes"es with reasons.

16. Favorite ice cream flavor and why?? Vanilla. Many years of switching favorites flavors have ended me up with the simple, but never yeilding, flavor of vanilla ;]

17. Favorite item of clothing and why? San Fransico 49ers jacket. Because it was my father's.

18. Favorite store and why? Calypso's. BECAUSE IT FUCKING RULES.

19. What are your thoughts on the word "poser"? Eh. I haven't any thoughts on the word, nor do I want thoughts of it.

20. Can a person that calls other people "posers" be an anti conformist? Sure.

21. Are thrifstores good? No.

22. What is your favorite brand of clothing? Ghast.

23. Picture of yourself.

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