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1. Name? Ally.
2. Age? 15.
3. Gender. Female.
4. Birthdate? June 8th.
5. Location? NY.
6. Favorite bands and why? The Dresden Dolls, because their the best
7. Favorite movies and why? Finding Nemo, I love watching it...I watched it almost every day last year
8. Favorite colors, and why? Purple, Silver, Red, and Black.....why....um...because I want them to be my favorite?
9. Favorite shows and why? I Love The 80s, 90's, and 70's....THEY OWN!
10. Do you watch shows like Jackass? Why, or why not? When its on I watch....funny shit
11. Why should we accept you? Because I have no life....I post comments....and I refresh my friends page all the time
12. Why do you think you're cool? Everyone loves a loser....
13. What other communities are you in? cam_whore, freaking_losers, get_friends, love_is4sinners, morbid_vanity, theladyinwhite
14. What communities did you get the big, fat, ignorant no's from? Cant Reamber....I just left the community
15. If you were/are accepted in a community, would you add any of us? Or be like the other people bitching in them? Or would you just just give a simple "no" or "yes?" I'd add people....Im not one to bitch at someone really.
16. Favorite ice cream flavor and why?? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
17. Favorite item of clothing and why? Pants....they can be tight, or not right...it shows you how the person felt about themself in the morning.."ew Im fat" >Wears something baggy<
18. Favorite store and why? Dylans Candy Shopp. So much fucking candy...I feel like a little kid in heavon
19. What are your thoughts on the word "poser"? Someone who dresses a way they wouldnt  themselfs. They do it to "fit in".
20. Can a person that calls other people "posers" be an anti conformist? Yes.
21. Are thrifstores good? Yes....if we didnt have them, their would be a lot more garbage
22. What is your favorite brand of clothing? Tripp
23. Picture of yourself.


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