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1. Name? Jess (ica)
2. Age? 16
3. Gender. girl
4. Birthdate? sept 3 1988 at 11:59 pm
5. Location? Toronto, ON
6. Favorite bands and why? yellowcard, Maroon 5, Hoobastank, Taking Back Sunday, BIlly Talent, Franz Ferdinand, the Killers.. uh, because i really like their music. they are rocky but not the kinda punk where you are not cool enough if you dont wear the right clothes (can we say hypocritical?)
7. Favorite movies and why? 10 things i hate about you - i dont know, its just really cute and i like Julia Stiles, Little Man Tate - it has a happy ending and reminds me of a few of my friends, Simon Birch - so sad, it makes me cry everytime, but its SUCH a good movie
8. Favorite colors, and why? Blue - i wear blue all the time.. jeans!, Orange- its bright and fun and it makes me happy
9. Favorite shows and why? The Apprentice - i find it funny how they can almost never work together even when they get rid of everybody they hate, Fear Factor - i dont know why i like it, its like when somebody says something tastes really bad, you have to try it
10. Do you watch shows like Jackass? Why, or why not? I havent seen Jackass, but i like the Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Most Extremem Elimination Challenge, etc.. i know these arent the same as jackass, but oh well
11. Why should we accept you? Because you guys sound like fun and i like having different kinds of people to talk to
12. Why do you think you're cool? I'm not really super cool or anything, i just like hanging around with my friends, talking to people, running track and x-country, music, drama and basically just having fun
13. What other communities are you in? a bunch of icon ones.. i havent been on LJ for very long, so i am just starting to apply places
14. What communities did you get the big, fat, ignorant no's from? A couple icon making ones, but no other ones.. i havent applied to many, this one just caught my eye
15. If you were/are accepted in a community, would you add any of us? Or be like the other people bitching in them? Or would you just just give a simple "no" or "yes?" Sure, if i had the choice i would add you.. unless you really really got me mad or something.. or possibly sounded completely fake just to get in. but yeah, i would add you in
16. Favorite ice cream flavor and why?? Strawberry - best ever, no matter what. Its sooo good.. I dont like chocolate ice cream :) so strawberry's my favourite (YES! CANADIAN SPELLING!) - its simple but good
17. Favorite item of clothing and why? My grey comfy sweater.. i wear it around the house all the time and to school when i have to be there early for band. Its formed to fit me and soo warm :)
18. Favorite store and why? I like the clothes, not the actual store, but i guess garage or urban trade.. i like sport check too
19. What are your thoughts on the word "poser"? I think its really over used.. but I hate when people fake acting like something just to please other people, i just dont understand how people can judge when another person is acting or not before they know them
20. Can a person that calls other people "posers" be an anti conformist? Not really, because its saying they are trying to be like a certian image or group of people.. if you are one image or label, then you cant be anti-conformist
21. Are thrifstores good? i get myhalloween costumes there.. never really looked for anything else, but i guess they have some good stuff.. especially if you are good with sewing or something and could use the fabrics
22. What is your favorite brand of clothing? None in particular.. i guess possibly Old Navy because they have these awesome fuzzy fleece guys pants that i wear as pajamas.. or maybe nike because they made my precious grey comfy sweater
23. Picture of yourself.

 <--- me on the right, with erin, my neighbour


 Me (blue tongue) nick's arm (far left) Jensen (orange sweater) and Derek (far right), afte a couple nights without sleep on a band trip to montreal in may

Thanks for looking at this : )

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