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1. Name? Chloe.
2. Age? 15.
3. Gender.Female, last time I checked.
4. Birthdate? 19.08.1989
5. Location? Cambridgeshire, UK.
6. Favorite bands and why? Hole, No Doubt, Duran Duran. I like a lot of dance music as well, and I like Duran Duran because I love 80s music. :D
7. Favorite movies and why? Tomb raider.IFUCKINGLOVEANGELINAJOLIE! I like spiderman, because well, I dunno. I just liked it, and mean girls was good. :D
8. Favorite colors, and why? I like the color blue. ^^ I don't really have a reason for liking it. =\
9. Favorite shows and why? The Bill, because I love the programme, the story lines are always exciting, and Scott Maslen is in it <3
and Eastenders, because I just love it. ^_^
10. Do you watch shows like Jackass? Why, or why not? Trying not to sound ignorant here.. but there are just giving silly little kids ideas. Those shows fucking suck.
11. Why should we accept you? Well, why not? =O
12. Why do you think you're cool? My attitude is good, I like it.
13. What other communities are you in? My "__uglyfuckers" one. All join.
14. What communities did you get the big, fat, ignorant no's from? This one fucking up it's own ass community "sarcastic_fucks" that's it. =O
15. If you were/are accepted in a community, would you add any of us? Or be like the other people bitching in them? Or would you just just give a simple "no" or "yes?" I'd just give my true opinion on them, I'm not a sheep. And if I liked the person all the others were bitching at, I would probably like the person who was getting bitched at. :o
16. Favorite ice cream flavor and why?? Strawberry, love the taste. <3
17. Favorite item of clothing and why? My jeans with the silly belt.. I hear a bus..
18. Favorite store and why? I don't like shopping, when I go town it's for other things. ;)
19. What are your thoughts on the word "poser"? Dude, "poser" I hear it all the time, think of a better word. o_o???
20. Can a person that calls other people "posers" be an anti conformist? I guess, what's with all the labelling? o_o
21. Are thrifstores good? Not for clothes, it's trampy to buy clothes from there I think. But it's always good to donate to charity. I do a lot.
22. What is your favorite brand of clothing? "brands" don't do anything for me, but if I had to chose it would be.. french connection?</b>
23. Picture of yourself.

Sorry about the pic, it gives the wrong idea. x.
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